Honest Cooking

Using the inspiration of the past and creating a restaurant of the future.


After the interesting year of 2020 we decided that we wanted to bring some happiness back into peoples lives, including our own, so while on a family road trip we decided to re-brand Brasserie 74.  With the help of Woody from Storytellers in Greytown, who brought our vision alive with his amazing fitout, created the Garage Kitchen in the modern space that was once the original Greytown Garage. You can still see the facade as you view the front of the building. We wanted a fun, relaxed environment to complement our relaxed menu.  

With some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike, now is the perfect time for you to join us today at Garage Kitchen.

74 main st.jpg